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Brad Fisher went to high school with the Gang where he dated Dee. He was also engaged to The Waitress.

Early Life[]

While in high school, he dated both Dee and the Waitress. They broke up with him because of his bad complexion.

Season Five[]

Brad proposed to the Waitress after a very short period of time and she accepted. When Dee found out that they were engaged, she became extremely jealous because he had become quite handsome. She threw the Waitress a bachelorette party designed to make him leave the Waitress for her, but her plans fell apart. After the party, he told her that he was still in love with Dee. Later when Charlie found out he was going to marry the Waitress, and was bringing him a box of hornets as a congratulatory gift, it emerged that he was just getting revenge on the women who treated him badly in high school by promising to marry them, then jilting them soon afterwards. ("The Waitress is Getting Married")

Season Seven[]

At their high school reunion, the gang ran into Brad who was working the nametag table. He had some slight scars all over his face from the box of hornets Charlie gave him. Because of the scars, he had quite a grudge. He and his friends, the "cool kids" gave Charlie, Mac, and Frank wedgies in the bathroom. ("The High School Reunion") Later, the gang tried to fight the cool kids but they turned them down. Instead, the gang tried to impress them via a dance routine. ("The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge")