Charlie has developed a palate for unorthodox cuisine.

Foods Charlie Eats[edit | edit source]

Cat shit ("Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life")

Dog Food("Mac Fights Gay Marriage")

Trash ("The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby") ("Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth")

Grass ("The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods")

Racoon Meat (Human Meat) ("Mac and Dennis: Manhunters")

Milk Steak ("The Waitress is Getting Married")

Jelly Beans, preferably raw ("The Waitress is Getting Married")

Grilled Charlie ("The Gang Goes Jihad")

Chicken Brains (Sedative Filled Brownie) ("The Gang Dances Their Asses Off")

Pickled Eggs ("The Storm of the Century")

Chases Dick("The Great Recession"), ("The Gang Buys a Boat")

Pear Stems, Cores and Stickers ("The Gang Hits the Road")

Fish and Reptile Scales ("The Gang Spies Like U.S.")

Newspaper, Credit Cards, Wolf Hair (possibly unintentionally, as "there is so much wolf hair in our apartment"), Wolf Meat (implied when Mac asks if both of them are eating wolf and Charlie replies asking "have you tried it?) ("Who Pooped the Bed?")

Sunscreen ("The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore")

Vitamin Balls (made with milk, flour, and vitamins, which Charlie claims he can use to survive for a month) ("Charlie Rules the World")

Copious Amounts of Cheese, Including Rat Trap Cheese ("Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life") (various other episodes)

Barnacles (Charlie scrapes barnacles off the side of Dennis's boat and refers to them as "little delicious oysters or whatever"("The Gang Buys a Boat"))

Beak (Frank makes Charlie eat the beak first when he orders a chicken sandwich, which he hates, but Dee reveals that he doesn't have to eat the beak at all) ("The Gang Misses the Boat")

Large Pizza and a Case of Beer ("Mac's Banging the Waitress")

Paint ("Charlie Catches a Leprechaun")

Chalk ("Dee Made a Smut Film")

Pigeon (Charlie serves this to the gang, who are under the impression that they are eating Pheasant) ("The Gang Gets Analyzed")

Trash Hot Pockets (Sun Lee witnesses Charlie eat a Hot Pocket out of the trash this when he is on his way to his and Frank's apartment) ("The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation")

Erasers (In the principal's office at the middle school Dee was working at) ("Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth")

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