Charlie and Mac enjoying the high life

A Very Sunny Christmas (48)

Charlie and Mac as kids

Charlie Kelly and Mac have been best friends since childhood.

Early HistoryEdit

They would throw rocks at trains on Christmas morning during their childhood. Both were 'losers' during high school and exchanged ring worm back and forth until finally giving it to the boys' wrestling team. During high school, the two spent a lot of time huffing glue in Charlie's mom's basement. They are bestest friends and kinda dicks to each other. Charlie is probably the first of the gang to realize "huh, Mac's kinda gay."

Season OneEdit

These two pieces of garbage talk about their upbringing in Catholic school, showing a bond formed at a young age. Mac's hair is soft. They disagree on plenty of things but still remain to be best bros through the power of true love.

Season TwoEdit

Charlie Gets Crippled

Charlie and Mac in the episode Charlie Gets Crippled

This is the season where Dee and Dennis get addicted to crack cocaine and Charlie and Mac mock them while wearing tuxedos. Mac's hair is pretty soft.

Season ThreeEdit

Pussy Hands tries to become a part of the mafia and Charlie forms a strong bond with a horse.

Season FourEdit

MAC AND CHARLIE DIE. They are dead forever

Season FiveEdit

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Season SixEdit

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Season SevenEdit

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Season EightEdit

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