Da' Maniac is an acquaintance of The Gang and an unstable former pro wrestler.

Season FiveEdit

The Gang hires Da' Maniac to wrestle in their show for the troops, but they soon regret it when they realize his mania is not confined to the ring, showing high levels of rage over $15, and strongly implying he murdered his children.  In the end, he does not wrestle in the show after he is arrested for unpaid parking tickets. ("The Gang Wrestles for the Troops")

Season NineEdit

Da' Maniac shows up uninvited to a presentation Dee and Charlie are holding for a multi-level marketing scam selling a berry drink called Invigaron (most likely for the free soup). He ends up stealing a couple of cases of Invigaron, apparently not aware (or not caring) he has to pay for them. He later shows up, again uninvited, at Mac and Dennis' apartment when they are trying to sell a timeshare they got suckered into buying to Ben, and tells them that he will buy one of their timeshares, which he seems to believe is a room in their apartment. He exhibits the same erratic behavior he showed at their wrestling show for the troops, smashing a lamp and talking about the "demons in Da' Maniac's head." He turns out to actually be a very effective Invigaron rep, getting many people in Ben's battalion involved in Invigaron, but unfortunately for Dee, she finds this out just after she "opts-out" of Invigaron, meaning Da' Maniac's sales go up to the salesman who sold her on Invigaron in the first place. ("Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare")



  • "Da' Maniac", the wrestler played by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in this episode, is a reference to the 2008 movie The Wrestler - like the character Randy "The Ram" Robinson from that movie, "Da Maniac" is a wrestler who has fallen on hard times and is wrestling in very small-time events, and who also appears to be living out of his car.
  • "Da' Maniac" AKA "Rowdy" Roddy Piper passed away on July 31st, 2015 - "Da' Maniac Loves ya"


Da' Maniac: "Sometimes loud noises make the squirrels go in my head.
And I don't fight in the ring anymore. But I still fight with the demons in
Da' Maniac's head."
Season Nine, Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare
Da' Maniac: "Da' Maniac loves Ya"
Da' Maniac: "As for the $15 copay, you can eat shit and die!"
Season Five: The Gang Wrestles for the Troops
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