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Dee's apartment is a nicely furnished apartment that Dee Reynolds lives in.

Dee currently lives in the apartment along with her cat.("Mac and Dennis Break Up")

Her rent is paid by Frank; when he lost all of his money, he fell behind on his rent payments and Dee was threatened with eviction. ("The Great Recession")

Starting in Season Ten Mac and Dennis were also living in the apartment, after their's burned down in the aftermath of an ill-fated Thanksgiving dinner. ("The Gang Squashes Their Beefs"). By the end of Season Twelve, Mac and Dennis have returned to the restored apartment. ("Dennis' Double Life")​. Season 13's premiere reveals that Mac remained in the apartment after Dennis' departure; Frank subsequently moves in with Dee as the Waitress had begun living with Charlie. ("The Gang Makes Paddy's Great Again")​​​​​

Physical Layout[]

The apartment appears to be a one bedroom apartment, with a sizable kitchen and en-suite bathroom. ("Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult")

The wall in the kitchen area is hollow, and a cat can sneak into the hollow space. ("Mac and Dennis Break Up")

Season One[]

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Season Two[]

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Season Three[]

Season Four[]

  • Charlie goes over to Dee's place after not being able to sleep at night, after eating Frank's "human meat". ("Mac and Dennis: Manhunters")

Season Five[]

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Season Six[]

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Season Seven[]

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Season Eight[]

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Season Ten[]

Season Eleven[]

  • Dennis and Mac continue to live with Dee, and have completely trashed her apartment. Much to her relief, they do move out to a place in the suburbs, but when that doesn't work out, they apparently return. ("Mac and Dennis Move To The Suburbs")