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"Dee Day" is the third episode of the fourteenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


The Guys are in the final preparation stage for an unknown scheme when Dee excitedly enters to inform them that today is "Dee Day." The guys have to do everything she wants without complaint.


Dennis, Charlie, Mac and Frank are stretching and preparing for an important mission they have planned for tomorrow when an excited Dee walks in with a cuckoo clock and air horn, which baffles them, until she reminds them that tomorrow is "Dee Day", and they'll have to do anything she wants without question or complaints. They realize this will throw a wrench into their plan, but they only have a few more seconds left to complain and insult Dee before the cuckoo clock goes off and Dee Day officially begins.

On her first agenda, Dee makes everyone sit and listen to her talk about her feelings of insecurity and toxic masculinity. After she leaves for the bathroom, Dennis comes up with an idea to still pull off their scheme by having each individual pretend to "go to the bathroom" at key moments, carry out their task, and come back. He first sends Charlie to the school he used to work at, and make a phone call to the valet, while the nurse is on his lunch break. However, when he gets there, the nurse has already finished lunch and he's unable to make the call.

When Charlie returns, he finds Dee is making them do a show dressed as her characters. He tells them he couldn't make the call, so Dennis decides to send Mac and Frank to the valet. The two come up with a plan to steal the council woman's keys, but Frank ends up getting sick from a bag of clams he ate on the way, causing the council woman to drive away in disgust.

Back at the Pub, Dee makes Charlie and Dennis passionately kiss during her show, which disgusts them. During a break, Mac and Frank return, having also botched their mission, and are forced to continue the show.

Sometime later, Dee takes the group to go bird watching at a park. When she leaves to go to the bathroom again, the gang tries to figure out another plan. Mac expresses his discomfort with Charlie getting Dennis's attention and praise more, but Charlie tells him Dennis has candy in his pocket, which the latter used as a tactic to get him to pay attention. After giving them some candy, Dennis decides to charm the council woman to get into her house, and set back her clocks after they bang. Before he can leave, Dee comes back and makes him remove all his makeup. Dee then takes the group to a bar, where a sad and disheveled Dennis is forced to interact with others. They find the council woman there, and Dennis clumsily tries to seduce her, but fails spectacularly.

As Dee Day comes to an end, the guys are disappointed that their plan fell through, but Dennis assures them that they don't want another Dee Day. After coming back from the bathroom, Dee admits she's impressed by how well they cooperated with her activities and, once the cuckoo clock goes off, the gang rushes to the TV to see the news, and are excited to learn that public urination in now legal, which was their overall goal. They tell Dee how they've been working on a plan to sabotage the one dissenting vote from the council woman by setting her clocks back, so she'd oversleep and miss the vote the next day. Dee claims their plan was ridiculous and they should've just slashed her tires minutes before she had to leave, which is what Dee secretly did during one of her "bathroom" trips. When they ask why, Dee tells them that, given the many times she had to take a piss, she too wants the freedom to go anywhere she wants, which they express disgust at. The guys continue to belittle and insult Dee's scheme and her supposed "bird brain," when she reveals that she set the cuckoo clock ahead by one hour, meaning it's still technically Dee Day, much to the guys' dismay, cause since they insulted her, they now have to endure another Dee Day.



Guest Starring[]

  • Winston Story as Nurse
  • Mercedes Colon as Council Woman
  • Bob Wiltfong as Chet Wallum


  • During the bird watching scene, the sneakers Charlie is wearing are the same he used to wear on occasion in season 1, most notably in Gun Fever and Charlie Wants an Abortion.
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