"Tonight we cross the plane of reality into the dimension of no place or time" - Dennis

Throughout the series, Dennis tries to bed as many women as possible to prove himself to others and sometimes to manipulate situations. His extreme vanity is one possible reason for this behavior, but regardless Dennis "bangs" more people on the show than anyone else. Dennis also keeps a camera running in his room at all times and a tape of all his encounters.

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Dennis's Sexual Misconduct[edit | edit source]

Dennis has an extensive history of sexual misconduct and creepy sexual behavior towards men and women. It also has been implied by the show and referenced by other characters. This includes (but is not limited to):

Erotic Memoirs[edit | edit source]

The Paddy's Pub Blog released several lost chapters from Dennis' Memoirs:

  • "Memoirs with a Geisha" - Dennis meets an older Japanese woman [1]
  • "Like a Virgin" - Dennis bangs a drunk girl (which looks a lot like Dee) [2]
  • "Knight Ride Her" - Recounts a story at a Medieval Times restaurant [3]
  • "Cirque du So Laid" - In this story, Dennis bangs several members of a circus [4]

The first two chapters of the memoir were made into a bonus featurette for The Complete Season 4 DVD.

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