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Gary is a serial killer who targeted young women in the Philadelphia area.

Season Three[]

Gary lived in the same building as Dee and would sometimes ask her to water his plants. He also works in a hardware store where Dee uses him to steal supplies.

He keeps the heads of his victims in the freezer at his apartment. His targets are said to be young, attractive blondes. One could interpret this as a representation of his frustration with Dee for failing to become romantically involved with her, her inability to water his plants, or a mix of the two. Furthermore, the fact that Dee has never watered his plants, potentially avoiding a trap in waiting by Gary, could mean that she has escaped becoming another victim simply by way of laziness.



  • Gary's ultimate fate is unknown. When Gary was last seen, Frank was revving up his chainsaw right after Gary walked into his apartment. (Mac Is a Serial Killer)
  • "Gary" is also the name given for a character in (The Gang Runs for Office)