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Green Man is a mascot invented by Charlie Kelly for the Philadelphia Eagles. He wears a green Lycra outfit, white socks, and black Vans sneakers.

Green Man was used by Charlie first in high school. Mac mentioned that Green Man was the mascot that nobody wanted, seeing as Charlie would get wasted before running onto the high school football field dressed as Green Man. Charlie believes that people love Green Man and he feels very strongly about it himself. "It got me through some tough times," he recalls. However, Charlie is the only member of the Gang who likes Green Man, aside from Frank (who responded excitedly when the Green Man outfit was brought up).

The first time, Charlie was reluctant to bring out the Green Man and only does so because he has taken acid. Later Charlie began to take Green Man much more seriously as a mascot and even attacked the Philly Phrenetic (Phanatic) at the World Series. Charlie also tries to make Green Man famous by dancing in Dee's YouTube videos dressed as Green Man. Rickety Cricket stole the outfit in season 13 and pretended to be Charlie in order to attend the Super Bowl.

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Charlie: (after being asked to wear Greenman) "Green Man was good. It got me through some hard times.
(to Frank) Tell you what: YOU can wear it if you want... "
Season Three, The Gang Gets Invincible

Charlie: (on acid high) Wait, wait, wait, wait. When did I put Green Man on?!"
Season Three, The Gang Gets Invincible


  • Green Man shows up most often at sporting events. He also popped up as a character in Dee's YouTube videos.
  • Rob McElhenney has said that Green Man is based on a friend of his, who he witnessed changing into the Green Man costume after a football game they both attended (hear the story here.)

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