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Guigino's Italian Restaurant is a fancy restaurant depicted in several episodes of Always Sunny, most notably in "The Gang Dines Out". It also makes an appearance in "The Waitress Is Getting Married", during which Charlie meets a woman from an online dating site at the restaurant and tries to impress her by saying he's a "full on rapist". It is shown as a fine yet not-quite-five-star Italian restaurant, capable of providing fine wines, yet the bathroom is not shown to have an attendant. In "The Gang Group Dates", Dennis is so distraught from his low rating on the "Bunchers" website that he asks "The Waitress" to meet him there for a date, thinking that if he spends time with "lesser women" and has them rate him, he can get his rating to rise.

Scenes taking place at Guigino's are shot on a set built in the lobby of the old Herald-Examiner building, which was where the original Paddy's Pub set was built.  (See this video for more about that.)  Other sets have been built in that same location, such as the bank that Dennis, Charlie, and Mac go to try to borrow money to buy gas in "The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis."


Season 1: Gun Fever

Season 2: Mac Bangs Dennis' MomDennis and Dee Get a New Dad

Season 5: The Waitress Is Getting Married

Season 8: The Gang Dines Out

Season 10: The Gang Group Dates, The Gang Spies Like U.S.

Season 11: Frank Falls Out the Window

Season 14: The Gang Chokes