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Hwang is Charlie Kelly and Frank Reynolds's landlord, and a budding snake meat enthusiast.

Season One[]

Hwang knocked on Charlie's door, demanding rent money. Charlie and him yelled at each other. Charlie tried to explain that he needed more time to get the money since he made some bad investment decisions recently. Hwang told him he would come back the next day. When he did return, Charlie had stolen the gun from Paddy's and stuck it in his pants so it was still visible. Hwang saw the gun and became afraid of Charlie, giving him more time to get the rent money. ("Gun Fever")

Season Nine[]

When the heating at Charlie and Frank's apartment broke, Hwang insisted that Frank pay the rent before he would fix it, while Frank said that he would not pay the rent until the heating was fixed. This resulted in a feud between them, so the gang invited Hwang to their thanksgiving meal hoping to resolve it. Hwang bonded with Frank over mutual unhealthiness and hatred of doctors, a bond which Frank squandered by again refusing to pay the rent and throwing burning money at Hwang. ("The Gang Squashes Their Beefs")

Season Eleven[]

Hwang approaches Frank about his late rent, which Frank is refusing to pay because he is in yet another dispute with Hwang, this time over the plumbing. He chokes on a repulsive snake meat sandwich he is eating. When he passes out, Frank eats the sandwich and also chokes. ("Being Frank")

Season Fourteen[]

In The Janitor Always Mops Twice, Hwang shows up in Charlie's list of people who have a problem with Frank as "Huh-Wang", implying that he survived.



  • Hwang is portrayed by Shelly Desai, who has appeared in nearly 70 TV and film productions, including the films Thelma & Louise, Toys, Escape from L.A., and The Crow: City of Angels; as well as multiple episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Men of a Certain Age.
  • Following Season 11, Hwang's has not physically appeared on the show, casting doubts on whether he survived or not.