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Ingrid Nelson is a high school friend of Dee Reynolds. Her nickname was "Fatty Magoo", but she has since lost a lot of weight.

Season Three[]

Dee and Charlie run into Ingrid at a clothing boutique, which Dee is shocked to discover Ingrid owns. Ingrid reveals she was motivated by Dee talking about her own ambitions in high school to believe in herself, resulting in her becoming thinner, successful and happy as an adult. However, Dee reveals to Charlie that she only said those things to Ingrid to keep her in an inferior position to Dee, which apparently backfired. Determined not to be the biggest loser, Dee attempts to learn fashion design and make a dress to show up Ingrid, only to have her (poor) design pushed aside in favor of Dennis‘ (equally poor) design, which he believes Ingrid will buy from him because she will still be in awe of his “winner” self from high school. Ingrid rejects Dennis’ sketches (most of which consist of unrealistically large-breasted women, some of whom are not even wearing anything), but unwilling to believe he “peaked” in high school and is no longer in a superior position to Ingrid, Dennis lies that she ordered his dresses and has the others make them while he engages in several increasingly illegal/insane efforts to convince/seduce an uninterested Ingrid into buying them. In the end, Dee tries to get Ingrid arrested for buying dresses from the sweatshop Frank set up to make Dennis’ dresses, only for the truth to come out and Dennis to lose face on several levels when he bursts into the office in his dress with fake breasts and lipstick.

Season Seven[]

After being humiliated by the cool kids at her high school reunion, Dee tries to mock Ingrid for being fat but it just seems sad because Ingrid isn't fat anymore. Later, Mac tries the same tactic but Ingrid reminds him that he's the fat one now. She is among the former classmates mortified by The Gang’s dance. ("The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge")