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Jack with his Master

Special Agent Jack Bauer is a cat that Dennis bought at a junkyard.

Early Life[]

Jack Bauer was born in a pool of gasoline, on a piece of rusty scrap metal.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Jack appears to be indestructible.
  • He is attracted to gasoline.
  • Once, he jumped through barbed wire into a vat of hot tar.


  • Dennis named his cat after the main character of famous FOX series, "24".

Season Three[]

*SPOILER* When Dennis left out a Molotov cocktail on the bar counter, Jack Bauer started to lick the bottle. Charlie Kelly, pretending to be Al Pacino, took the cocktail and threw it in Frank's cop car. Charlie admitted that he had soaked the car in gasoline. Then Jack Bauer jumped out of Dennis's arms into the car, the car exploded, and Jack Bauer jumped out of the flaming car and ran into an alley next to Paddy's Pub.