Season Seven[edit | edit source]

Jackie Denardo broadcasts a series of breaking news reports from a store about an "apocalyptic" storm that is bearing down on Philadelphia.   She reports the storm in the direst possible terms, apparently trying to scare her viewers as much as possible. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie go to that store to gather supplies, but Dennis also has the intention of getting her to follow him back to Paddy's.  She completely blows him off, however, finding his approach completely creepy and repulsive (which, to be fair, it is.)  She is disappointed when she is told the storm has fizzled out, but she does get the chance to report on the riot that breaks out when Rickety Cricket drives Frank's car through the front of the store. ("The Storm of the Century")

Season Nine[edit | edit source]

In Dennis' fantasy about how he willl handle the convenience store robbery that The Gang has found themselves trapped in, Jackie Denardo, who has quit her job as a reporter and become a nurse, nurses him back to health after he is shot in the head by the robber.  With her care, Dennis fully recovers from his injuries.  While they are rollerblading in the park, Dennis tells Jackie he loves her, but just then she loses control of her rollerblades and skates into traffic.  She survives, but her injuries are quite severe: broken legs, punctured lung, and, worst of all, her breasts have been "obliterated."  Upon hearing this last bit of news, Dennis asks to be alone with her...and then proceeds to smother her to death with a pillow.  ("The Gang Saves the Day")

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Whenever Dennis sees Jackie Denardo we hear the song, "Alone" by Heart, play out loud.

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