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Just to be Clear is a song written by Dee to ensure that people did not think she was a child molestor after hearing her sing Tiny Boy, Little Boy, Baby Boy in Charlie's musical The Nightman Cometh. ("The Nightman Cometh")

This song was written by Cormac Bluestone, Charlie Day, & Glenn Howerton.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Just to be clear
I did not write that song
and have never had sex
with a child
(or minor and anything like that)
Just to be clear
I am a more experienced actor
and that should be taken into account
during your applause at the end
Most men find me to be
an eight or a nine
out of ten
and I am (happen to be) available
to any interested men
who'd like to get my number
after the show
HIV-test preferred
Just to be clear
Just to be clear
Just to be clear
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