Lyle Korman is a critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer that wrote a review of Paddy's Pub entitled, "Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia". He is played by actor Fisher Stevens.


He likes white wine, especially Chardonnay, which causes Sweet Dee to call him "Faggot". Lyle does not drink scotch. If Dee had to write an article about him, she would write: "Most Negative Man in the World Calls Other People White Trash to Make Himself Not Feel So Faggy." He also has a cat.

Season FourEdit

After he had written a very bad review of Paddy's Pub, Charlie kidnapped him and brought him to the bar, where the gang forced him to write a new, good review. His neighbor Mehar also gets kidnapped. He gets released, after promising not to sue them and to write a new article about the bar, which will end up very negative too.


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