Larry Takashi, in the Always Sunny universe, was an American entrepeneur, best known for being the founder and owner of the successful lazer tag franchise, Fun Zone. Larry is better known as his Fun Zone alter ego, Rutherford B. Crazy. He was born on April 4th 1945.

Business ventures[edit | edit source]

Takashi worked with Frank in Vietnam, and left the operation before it was accused of violating several child labor laws.

Shortly thereafter, he opened his first Fun Zone in 1998; luckily, this was a great success, and Larry was able to expand his business and open many more locations across the country.

Death[edit | edit source]

On September 27th 2016, Larry Takashi held the grand opening of his 100th Fun Zone location. Unfortunately, by this time, Takashi had alienated himself from his family and friends, and seemed to have gotten lost in the corporate world. Directly after the grand opening, Larry drove to a near-by wishing well where he jumped to his death. He was 71.

Ironically, Larry left a suicide note on a Fun Zone Dolla Dolla Bill (the currency used to buy prizes at Fun Zone), which read "it all meant nothing," presumably a reference to him devoting the majority of his life to money. Due to his lack of friends, and the poor treatment of his staff, Larry Takashi's funeral was attended by nobody.

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