Music from the Original FX Series (2010)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia uses a lot of production music as soundtracks for the whole series. It's an "easy listening" sort of music, which contrasts the chaotic nature of the show.

Initially, those tracks were used because of the show's low budget - later, they became an integral part of Sunny.

The below mix [1] [2] was released on September 1, 2010 - the same day that Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney's son Axel Lee was born.

Music from the Original FX Series[edit | edit source]

Heinz Kiessling

  1. "Temptation Sensation" by Heinz Kiessling - Main Title
  2. "Derby Day" by Werner Tautz
  3. "Blue Blood" by Heinz Kiessling
  4. "On Your Bike" by Heinz Kiessling
  5. "Take the Plunge" by Heinz Kiessling
  6. "Hotsy-Totsy" by Heinz Kiessling
  7. "Off Broadway" by Werner Tautz
  8. "Coconut Shy" by Heinz Kiessling
  9. "Honey Bunch" by Karl Grell
  10. "Glitterati Party" by Werner Tautz
  11. "Singles Soiree" by Richard Faecks
  12. "Pink Deville" by Paul Rothman
  13. "Capitan's Table" by Heinz Kiessling
  14. "Starlet Express" by Werner Tautz
  15. "Final Fling" by Heinz Kiessling
  16. "Sweetheart Serenade" by Werner Tautz
  17. "Tea At Tiffani's" by Werner Tautz
  18. "Moonbeam Kiss" by Joe Brook
  19. "Grand Central" by Werner Tautz

Additional soundtracks[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This sort of music may be also referred as "elevator music" or "supermarket music".
  • Most of the tracks composed by Heinz Kiessling and Werner Tautz are from mid-'60s.

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