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Ronald "Mac" McDonald is a co-owner and the bouncer/bodyguard of Paddy's Pub and generally the pub's most active manager. He is roommates with his best friend from high school, Dennis Reynolds, and has been best friends with Charlie Kelly since childhood. Mac is a member of The Gang, considering himself to be the "brains" of the operation, even though with those muscles, he is definitely the brawn.  

Mac gets upset at injustices but will pounce on any opportunity he sees as a fair chance to bang or make money. He was proud of his body and weight gain during season 7, and is secretly ashamed of returning to his regular size.

Mac is portrayed by Rob McElhenney.

In season 11 Mac came out as gay only go back in the closet later in the same episode. As of season 12 Mac came out as gay and has since remained out.

Physical appearance[]

Mac claims to work out at the gym all the time. ("Charlie Has Cancer")

However, he only works out his "glamour muscles" (bis and tris) and lacks core strength. ("The World Series Defense")  He is also not athletic in any sense: when he wins a contest to take a shot at a Philadelphia Flyers game, it's revealed that not only can he not play hockey at all, he can't actually ice skate either and has a very stiff posture that is difficult for him to break. ("Mac's Big Break")​​​​​

Mac usually wears sleeveless shirts or tight tees to draw attention to his glamour muscles and to exhibit his "tribal" tattoos. ("Charlie Wants An Abortion") The tattoos are a dragon on his right forearm, a feather on his right bicep, and an eagle on his left. He also seems to have a four leaf clover tattoo on his right thigh. ("Charlie Got Molested") By season 13 he has begun the process of removing his tattoos and by season 15 his four leaf clover is the only one that remains, to the disdain of the gang. When they demand he get rid of it, he threatens to get a second one on his left thigh. ("The Gang Carries a Corpse Up a Mountain")

Mac's T-shirts usually have an ironic slogan on the front and are occasionally worn with a long-sleeved thermal underneath. His most iconic shirts are a purple T-shirt with "Detroit" stylized as a smoking gun, a black "RIOT" T-shirt (also seen in grey), and a variety of obnoxious, colorful Hawaiian shirts, which are his main look in seasons 7 and 15 especially. Completing the ensemble is a pair of navy blue Dickies slacks and worn-out combat boots; both have been with him from the very beginning and, while genuinely durable and in line with Mac's desire to look "badass", are rather bulky and restrictive items of clothing that make Mac's supposed feats of agility and athleticism all the more difficult.

. Occasionally he will wear a battered leather blazer or a long leather duster. Mac maintains a light beard and mustache, though in Season 7 grows it out bushy and in Season 8 goes with only a 5 o'clock shadow. He often slicks his hair back, like his father Luther's. His formal attire appears to usually be a black polo shirt with a tie.

A major plotline during Season 7 was Mac's sudden, and quite dramatic, weight gain. Mac claimed that he was "cultivating mass", but everyone else, correctly, saw him as just getting fat. However, Mac seemed to truly believe that his weight gain was muscle, not fat. He has lost the weight again, and in the Season Eight premiere, Mac says that his "sudden and unfortunate" weight loss is putting Paddy's in jeopardy because it might hinder his ability to do his job as head of security. (The Gang assures him that they don't feel any less safe than they did when he was fat.)

It is revealed that the reason for Mac's weight loss is that Dennis has been giving him "Mexican ephedra" pills, which caused him to lose his appetite, and telling Mac that they were "size pills". ("The Gang Gets Analyzed")

By the time of Season 13 Mac has become ripped. ("The Gang Makes Paddy's Great Again")

It has been said that Mac's appearance/style is loosely based off of WWE Superstar Razor Ramond, Steven Segal, and Jon Claude Van Dam


Mac comes from a broken home; his father Luther was an incarcerated meth dealer, and his mother was extremely apathetic. He is highly aggressive, often quick to begin shouting and threaten physical violence. He once got a knife-wielding meth head to back off after he sternly told him to "give us a minute" while arguing with Dennis ("Hundred Dollar Baby"). He's frightened even Dennis with his rage when, in Mac's eyes, he was just simply responding to Dennis' light banter. ("The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award") In a therapy session, Mac admitted to feeling a large range of emotions in quick succession. ("The Gang Gets Analyzed") Mac also comes out as gay in the sixth episode of the twelfth season. ("Hero or Hate Crime?")


Mac is obsessed with being tough and looking like a badass. Mac constantly seeks acceptance of his parents, but his over-earnest efforts make him come off as an asshole ("Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender"). He has a series of project badass videos that involve him doing various stunts to make him look tough, badass, or like a daredevil ("Mac's Banging the Waitress")​​​​​. Mac frequently strives to appear "hard," usually to impress his father or friends. In reality, though, he is a coward.

Mac is highly competitive and is unable to control his competitiveness ("The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition"). For example, when he learned that Charlie and the McPoyle brothers were possibly sexually molested by their—and Mac's—elementary school gym teacher, he feels rejected and worries that he is somehow inferior for having not been molested himself. He proceeds to research why he didn't get molested, stating that, "If the McPoyles got blown, and Charlie got blown, then why didn't I get blown?". ("Charlie Got Molested")

Mac is jealous of other people's success. Although he seeks his friends' acceptance, Mac takes special pleasure in undermining, physically harming, contradicting, and publicly belittling Sweet Dee at every possible opportunity.

Mac is easily flattered and manipulated, especially if complimented about his body or his fighting skills. He had had an ongoing sexual relationship with a pre-op trans woman named Carmen, largely because she was so adept at flattering him about his buff body ("Charlie Has Cancer"). He claimed that he was just "putting in time" as he waited for her surgery. ("Mac Is a Serial Killer")

Due to his inflated and fragile self-image, Mac is riddled with insecurities and often places great pressure on himself to look superior or not fail at anything. Consequentially, when given an unwanted position, he will attempt to use it to glamourise himself, such as, when being forced to referee the Gang's drinking challenge in "The Gang Beats Boggs" due to losing a chugging contest, Mac immediately convinces himself the Gang made him "Bud Selig", despite being repeatedly told that "no one did", and takes his refereeing duties far too seriously, to the point that Charlie tries to calm him down. In "The Gang Goes To Hell", thinking he has "failed" at a game, he gets extremely emotional and produces a cat-o-nine-tails for someone to beat him with "so [he] can be a better boy", implying he punishes himself harshly for every perceived failure.

At one point described by Dennis as being "in complete denial about absolutely every aspect of his life", Mac is the most openly self-delusional of the Gang, clinging to various fantasies about being tough, badass, a good Catholic, straight (until season 12), and, in particular, loved by his cold and exploitative father. Whenever anything happens to puncture these self-deceptions, he immediately twists or rationalizes his perception of them to fit with his view of himself and the world.

However, despite being incredibly out of touch with reality, Mac is surprisingly reasonable and quite possibly the most normal member of the Gang, due to not being as cunning and manipulative as Dennis and Dee, as twisted as Frank or as strange and foolish as Charlie. By Season 12, he's come to terms with his sexuality, tones down his religious preaching, gives an impassioned and sensible argument against hate speech, is horrified at Frank killing innocent children in their VR game, is often the source of sensible advice, has the emotional sensibility to give Dennis a Valentine, and is willing to be a dad to Dennis' secret child. Season 13 also shows this, as Mac showed that he believes the best way to avoid sexual harassment charges is to stop sexually harassing people, something the rest of the gang seem to disagree with.

Position in the Gang[]

Like Dennis, Mac sees himself as superior to the rest of The Gang and often attempts to prove his supremacy. For instance, in an attempt to impress Charlie and Dennis, he makes a series of "Project Badass" videotapes that consist of various idiotic stunts; however, the pair believes that Mac is just trying to "bang" them. ("Mac's Banging the Waitress")​​​​​

Mac sees himself as the boss in most situations and the gang constantly complains about his bossiness.

From "Mac Day" onward, the Gang seems consistently annoyed by Mac and make regular mention of how they hate him, due to his bossiness, religious pride, hypocritical homophobia, and desperate neediness. However, Dee allows him to stay in her apartment with Dennis, and Dennis never once tries to stop being roommates with him during this time, although living for a month in the suburbs with him finally drove him to have a vehement hatred of Mac.

When Mac comes out of the closet for good in "Hero or Hate Crime?", the Gang agrees that they're happy for him despite hating him, and earlier told him that they won't like him whether he's in or out of the closet. After that episode, though, everyone seems to treat Mac nicer due to his being more honest with himself, even chanting for him simply for walking into the bar in "The Gang Tends Bar". Dennis is also driven to tears when Mac gives him his first Valentine's gift but is still clearly cold and dismissive of him and his emotions in "Dennis' Double Life" (as Mac assumed they would share a bedroom in their refurbished apartment).

In "The Gang Makes Paddy's Great Again", the rest of the Gang tells Cindy that the best way to handle Mac's neediness is to ignore it "like you would a baby", and all uncomfortably avoid answering Mac's "you guys like me, right?" He continues to earn the Gang's ire by continuing his needy and delusional behaviors, though Frank comes to understand Mac's struggles in a much deeper and sympathetic way in "Mac Finds His Pride". This gang dynamic more or less persists until season 15 in which it is noticeably downplayed.


A Catholic, Mac is the only member of The Gang to profess a religious faith. In "The Gang Exploits A Miracle", Mac fears that the Lord will show his wrath if they continue to exploit the water stain in the bar. Throughout the series, Mac refuses to wear a condom during sex, because as he explains to Charlie he went to Catholic school. Though Mac seems to care more about issues such as abortion, community activism, and parenting than the rest of The Gang, his views on such subjects are invariably twisted, ignorant, or prejudiced, and his actions regarding them are always hypocritical and selfish. For instance, after pretending to be adamantly pro-life in order to attract a female activist, Mac later tells her to get an abortion when he thinks she has become pregnant by him. In another instance involving the transgender woman Carmen, Mac discovers that she has married and had the operation to remove her penis. He then belittles Carmen and her husband by quoting the Bible to them and calling them "gay"; however he only reacts so because he expected Carmen to call him once she had the operation so they could date again.


Mac prefers not to use condoms, even when he's having sex with people he doesn't know. ("Mac Is a Serial Killer") He only reluctantly agrees to wear a condom with the Waitress in "Mac's Banging the Waitress". There is much evidence that Mac is harboring one or more STDs. ("The Gang Gets Whacked (Part 1)")

While continuing his charade as a heterosexual in earlier seasons, Mac seemed to have a thing for older women. He had sex with Dennis and Dee's mom, Barbara Reynolds, later saying it was the best sex of his life. ("Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom")​​​ He also expressed interest in Barbara's sister, Aunt Donna. ("The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention"). This also might be due to his lower intelligence, and Barbara Reynolds's successful seduction of Mac while attempting to make Frank jealous. Having been described as a 'whore' many times (almost exclusively by Frank), it would make sense that Mac had fallen easily to her whims. Having felt a confidence in someone reaching out to him, he also may have been interested in Aunt Donna hoping that she would behave the same as Barbara.

Mac is shown to have extremely low standards when it comes to trying to sleep with women. He claimed to Charlie that they could get quite lucky at Maureen Ponderosa's wedding to Liam McPoyle, apparently having no issue attempting to sleep with any of the McPoyle women. ("The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre")

Mac places sex above friendship, and has betrayed his two best friends by dating or having sex with women very important to them:

Throughout the first 11 seasons, there were many insinuations that Mac was a closeted gay man; this was manifested by his obsession with men's physiques and his reactionary religious views on homosexuality. It is also implied that he might be in love with Dennis. He did not come out until season 12.

Some examples of Mac exhibiting behaviors or saying things that hinted at or confirmed his homosexuality:

  • In the season 3 episode "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off", Mac challenges Dennis to a dance-off. During the dance-off, Mac gets on his knees and bobs his head in front of Dennis's groin.
  • In the final scene of the season 4 episode "Mac's Banging the Waitress" Charlie says to Dennis, "Do you still get the feeling he wants to bang us? That's what this is all about" after Mac tries to demonstrate how "badass" he is by falling from the roof onto a pile of mattresses after lighting fireworks taped to his jacket that fails to ignite.
  • In the season 5 episode "The World Series Defense", Mac exhibits an obsession with Philadelphia Phillies player Chase Utley and Dee reads aloud his "love letter" to Utley.
  • In the season 5 episode "Mac and Dennis Break Up",
  • In the Season 6 finale, "Dee Gives Birth", as Charlie and Mac discuss the fact that one of the possible fathers of Dee's baby is Rex, Mac calls Rex a "quality lay".
  • In episode 2 of season 8, "The Gang Recycles Their Trash" Mac makes an attempt to kiss Dennis following a rally with Charlie and themselves.
  • Also in season 8, in "Charlie Rules the World", Charlie asks Mac to watch Dee while Charlie goes and meets an online girl in person, to which Mac insinuates he'd like to meet any of her friends if they're fat or ugly or sick. Charlie then replies with a 'yeah, sure, if they're ugly or sick or male or female, whatever it is that you like'. Mac simply shrugs.
  • In "The Gang Dines Out", Mac intentionally inserts a dollar bill into a waiter's back pocket in order to feel his behind.
  • In the season 9 episode "Mac Day" Charlie says, "I know we've never said this as a group, but Mac's gay," to which the rest of The Gang agrees readily. Also as part of Mac Day, Mac forces The Gang to oil male bodybuilders, which gives him an erection. He also gets an erection in the episode when he is preaching to The Gang about the wrongs of homosexuality.
  • There are two highly homoerotic scenes in Lethal Weapon 6 that lead a hedge-fund manager they show the movie to call it a "gay porno". In a scene that immediately follows, where Riggs and Murtaugh go to a strip club, Mac obviously stares at Dennis' lap at one point, apparently checking if he has an erection.("The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6")
  • In "The Gang Group Dates", a customer asks Dee for a drink in which she replies saying," go ask one of the other ones, the dirty one or the gay one." Dennis later mentions how Mac tells himself he's "tough, and straight", to which Mac replies, "I am tough!"
  • In "Mac Kills His Dad", Mac tries to prove his dad's innocence in as a murder suspect. Charlie agrees to go to along with him, as long as he doesn't ask to put stuff in their butts again. Mac says he'll do it this time to which Charlie replies "well, you'll probably enjoy it more".
  • Mac meets a girl 'Dusty' at a club and introduces them to the gang with a speech alluding to his homosexuality and with the implication that Dusty is a man. Once it is revealed otherwise, the gang question Mac on it. Confused, he just says that he was giving Dennis '10s' and he decided he was sick of it and wanted to go for a '10'. Later the gang goes to the back office where they discover Mac has just been paying Dusty angel dust (PCP) to pretend to have sex with him because he couldn't get it up. He then denies this, claiming that she's "not even that hot." to which Dennis replies "she is very hot." He agrees to go back if everyone agrees to forget everything that happened. ("The Gang Misses the Boat")
  • While at a strip club with Charlie, Charlie believes it to be 2006 and tries to clarify that was when Mac was still into women, to which Mac just tiredly asks him to drop it. ("Frank Falls Out the Window")
  • He refuses to talk about his "mission" at the Rainbow, a gay bar in Philly, despite having returned in a tight undershirt, covered in glitter, and searching for towels. ("Charlie Catches a Leprechaun")
  • While on a Christian cruise Mac is shocked to learn that there are two gay men on the cruise, to which Charlie asks who the other one is; Mac does not understand the joke. He later attempts to "cure" the gay couple but instead is lured into their cabin. He imprisons himself in the brig with the rest of the gang confessing "well, I'm gay" to no surprise from his friends. ("The Gang Goes to Hell") When he is rescued from the ship he immediately says it was a test from God and he's not actually gay. ("The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two")
  • While "saving" his life after he picks up a lotto scratcher, a piano almost falls on him, Frank uses a gay slur to alert Mac, and Mac sees this as a hate crime. After going through three arbitrators to dispute who has ownership of said scratcher, Dennis reveals Mac's "bike", an elliptical bike that Mac modifies into an anal-fisting bike (the "Asspounder 4000"). The final arbitrator rules that Frank and Mac split the ticket 50/50, because Frank had saved Mac, and it wasn't a hate crime as Mac isn't gay. Mac realizes that the way to keep the whole ticket is to come out; he does so, and wins the $10,000 ticket. The gang states that Mac will then take it back after signing the official document, but Mac then decides "maybe I'll stay out". ("Hero or Hate Crime?")
  • After coming out, Mac refers to himself as gay multiple times throughout the rest of the season.


Mac is extremely clean and very good at keeping his apartment extremely tidy. He even cleaned up Charlie's filthy apartment after he moved in with Charlie and Frank, after Dennis kicked him out. ("Mac and Dennis Break Up")

Apparently, nobody "understands the subtleties of Charlie's retardation" like Mac does. ("The Gang Gets Held Hostage")

Often left with the duty of providing exposition of the gang's antics to unfamiliar parties, Mac believes he is a natural story-teller.  ("How Mac Got Fat") He is also able to give a persuasive argument; he is able to make Charlie, a staunch atheist, as well as Frank and Dee (and possibly Dennis), doubt the absoluteness of evolution, due to their faith in science, fossil records, and data being similar to his faith in God and the Bible. ("Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense")

Though it takes him a considerable amount of time, Mac can make some decent charts and graphs. ("Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense")

At times, Mac has been shown to have decent physical strength when he is not delusional about the details of what he's doing and how much stronger he believes he is. He was once able to score a real point in a karate match for blocking a hit. ("Mac Day") After getting buff in season 13, Mac has shown greater physical strength, as he was able to lift Dee by the crotch with one hand and hold her in the air for a few seconds before putting her down. ("Time's Up for the Gang") ​​​

Mac performs a five minute interprative dance which he finishes by holding his dance partner completely above his head for about 10 seconds. This feat leaves an audience of hardened prisoners completely awestruck and roused to a standing ovation while it moves Frank to openly weep. ("Mac Finds His Pride")​​​

Along with Dennis and Dee, Mac has been shown to be an excellent skier (though the rules are different on the mountain). ("The Gang Hits the Slopes")

When given the opportunity to explore it, Mac found he has a passion and talent for musical theatre. ("The Gang Goes to Hell")

Mac was able to completely refurbish his and Dennis' burnt down apartment, to the exact knick-knacks on their table, showing that he has either an impeccable memory or talent for interior decoration. ("Dennis' Double Life")​​​



Mac has a delusional belief in his abilities as a security professional. He thinks of himself as "The Sheriff of Paddy's" and believes he can achieve feats of strength, assess strangers for security, and that he is highly skilled at combat. Despite this, Mac has fared poorly in physical altercations and feats of strength:

  • Mac was beat up when he replaced Charlie and fought in a fight club. ("Hundred Dollar Baby")
  • Mac failed in his attempt to climb the outside of Charlie's apartment building. ("The World Series Defense")
  • Mac was going to beat up Bruce Mathis in a fight, but ran away from him instead. ("Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad")
  • Mac attempted a roundhouse kick to the front window of a car, but missed and kicked the driver's side mirror instead. ("Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia")​​​​​​
  • Mac does an "ocular patdown" of a hitchhiker and assessed him as safe; later, the hitchhiker steals Dee's car. ("The Gang Hits the Road")
  • When Mac and Charlie are stuck at the bottom of an abandoned swimming pool that they are trying to fix, Mac attempts to get out of the pool by doing a "backflip" out of it, scaling the wall, but he doesn't even come close to getting out. ("Mac and Charlie: White Trash")
  • Mac's "exit strategy" to get out of a luxury box the Gang has schemed their way into at a Phillies' game is to "spring off the balcony to safety".  When Dennis points out that it's a 50-foot drop, Mac says that he will be able to "tuck and roll" and thus survive the drop unscathed. ("Frank's Back in Business")​​​​​​
  • When Mac attempted to put Charlie in a chokehold, Charlie simply went limp, and Mac promptly exhausted himself trying to keep Charlie held up, eventually passing out. ("Frank Retires")
  • When he was forced to enter a karate tournament, he was almost immediately beaten to the ground (though he did score a single point out of sheer luck).("Mac Day")

In a similar vein, Mac also maintains a threat level assessment for the bar. Ordinarily, the threat level is set to Orange, but Mac has upgraded the threat level to Yellow. ("The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation")

Mac has never won a chugging contest. ("Charlie Gets Crippled", "The Gang Beats Boggs")

He shows no regard for the law and breaks it whenever he wants to. (List of crimes committed by the gang)

Mac often has trouble thinking up of the right word to convey his ideas, which Dennis is often more than glad to provide. ("Mac and Dennis Break Up")

Mac is also a poor typist. ("Mac and Charlie Write a Movie")

Mac has bad peripheral vision, due to his eyes slanting downward. ("The Gang Dines Out")

Mac likely has some type of cognitive disorder, as it was stated several times that he finds it difficult to follow movies.

Dennis Reynolds.

Early life[]

Mac was born on April 14, 1977, to Luther McDonald and Mrs. McDonald.

In Season 1, Mac was 28 years old - which means he was born in 1977. ("Underage Drinking: A National Concern")

When Mac was young, his parents would break into houses with him on Christmas to steal presents. ("A Very Sunny Christmas")

Growing up, his best friend was Charlie. Every Christmas, they'd get together and throw rocks at trains. ("A Very Sunny Christmas")

Mac's father is Luther Mac. At some point during his childhood, Luther was sentenced to prison for dealing meth. ("Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender")

Dennis notes that Mac only survived high school by selling weed to popular kids, and even then was considered a jerk. He and Charlie would hang out in the latter's basement and huff glue, which Dennis found creepy. ("Underage Drinking: A National Concern")

In high school, Mac was called "Ronnie the Rat," due to his propensity for tattling. He narced on the previous weed dealer in order to get a foothold on dealing himself. He would hang out under the bleachers with Charlie and Dennis, and slept with Dennis' prom date. ("The High School Reunion")


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