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"Mac Finds His Pride" is the tenth and final episode of the thirteenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Frank tries to recruit Mac for the gang's kickass float for the Gay Pride Parade; Frank comes to the realization that Mac will never be secure with his sexual identity unless he comes out to his father.



Guest Starring[]


  • Kylie Shea as Beautiful Woman
  • John Ponzio as Gimp


  • In the scene where Mac is talking to his father, the last name on his visitor tag is "MacDonald," but in season 7 episode 12 (The High School Reunion) his last name is spelled "McDonald"
  • The episode closes on Frank saying "I get it. I get it." Kennedy and Heidi, a 2007 episode of The Sopranos, closes with Tony Soprano saying the same thing.


  • This is the fourth episode of Season 13 to not feature Glenn Howerton, and the third one in a row. However, Dennis is stated to be helping Charlie and Dee with the float, but he was not there physically the entire time.
  • This marks the first appearance of Luther since Season 10's Mac Kills His Dad, though he also shows up in Mac's dream in Season 12's PTSDee.
  • Frank's "old cut" that gets re-opened is likely referring to a similar injury he suffered in Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties.
  • Frank finds yet another orgy with a buffet. (Mac and Charlie Die (Part 1))
  • Mac previously mentioned that his Catholic side and his gay side were "at war". (The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem)



[last line]

  • Frank. "Oh my god. I get it. I get it."
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