"Mac and Charlie Die (Part 2)" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Mac's revenge-obsessed father is released from prison and Mac and Charlie fake their deaths to save their lives. Meanwhile, Frank and Dennis go inside the world of anonymous sex when they discover a glory hole in one of the bathroom stalls.


Following Mac and Charlie's faked death, ("Mac and Charlie Die (Part 1)") the rest of the gang holds a funeral at Paddy's. Dennis wears the duster and presents a slideshow while Bonnie Kelly cries and Mrs. Mac sleeps. Mac and Charlie watch through an air conditioner vent. Dee refuses to believe they are really dead.

Dennis's grieving process is short and decides he wants to find another roommate. He places an ad in the newspaper looking for hot women to sleep with when Jan approaches and suggests he be the roommate. Dennis is awed by Jan's promised European sex parties. Two German girls come over and dance in their underwear and Mac gets jealous of Dennis' happiness as he watches through the window. Dee tells Dennis she is going for a run in the park but he shoos her. Mac and Charlie visit Charlie's apartment where Frank has made a mannequin lookalike of Charlie.

Jan and Dennis take the party to Paddy's where many more girls in underwear show up. Jan tells Dennis that he has arranged someone to service him in the gloryhole in Paddy's bathroom. Dennis sticks his penis through the hole and Frank is on the other side. Both men grow upset and kick Jan and all the hot German girls out of the bar.

Dee, Mac, and Charlie bust out of Paddy's office holding sparklers in an attempt to scare Dennis and Frank into thinking they were ghosts. Dennis tells them that he knew they were camping on the roof from their loud noises. Charlie expresses concern that Luther may still try and kill them when Frank reads them a letter Luther left, which explains that he has fled to Tijuana to escape The Gang.





Guest StarringEdit


  • Gregoria McGreggor as Bus Driver
  • Atticus Todd as Big Strange Dude


  • "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi plays during slide show at Mac & Charlie's wake.
  • "En el Tiempo en la Colonia / Mata Siguaraya" by Carlos Puebla, Pedro Sosa and Santiago Martinez plays during the closing credits.
  • In this episode, the "Poltergeist" movie was mentioned by Mac, Charlie and Dee.
  • Probably, a scene when Mac's father shave looking in the mirror (11:15) - it's a parody of James Cameron's "The Terminator".


Mini-Dennis Reynolds   Um, okay well, I guess this is probably gonna be it so we should get started. Um, what to say about Mac. Umm...he certainly was...angry.
Burn the duster!   Mini-Frank Reynolds
Mini-Dennis Reynolds   Hey, I'm not burning the duster! Okay, I'm not burning the duster. Alright. That's crazy. That's like...that's insane. Why would I ever burn...heh...I mean c'mon...I will continue to wear it in his honor and I will burn some other things. You know, maybe like these stupid god damn sleeveless t-shirts that he wants "retired" and hung up in the bar. I'll burn these, but I am not burning the duster. Okay? So forget it. It probably won't even burn anyway. It's not supposed to, it's flame retardant. That's like the whole point. It's like a shield of armor. So stop asking me to burn the duster! I'm not going to burn it! So...end of story, you know? Let's just move on. Okay? So...yeah, alright, well uh thank you.

Mini-Mac   Kaboom
Surprise, bitches! We're alive and it's blowing your minds right now!   Mini-Dee Reynolds
Mini-Charlie Kelly   Hahahahahaha!
No, it is not blowing our minds at all. I knew you guys were alive.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Charlie Kelly   Huh?
Yeah, I knew you guys were alive, okay? I figured it out right before the funeral.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Mac   Wow.
Cause I could hear you guys rustling around in the vents. You were speaking at full volume. Okay? Did you think you were being like crafty? And I could see you staring at me through the window. You know I can see through my windows, right? I wanted to piss you off.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Dee Reynolds   Well what about me? Did you want to piss me off? I thought might have actually been murdered.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Dee Reynolds   That's what I thought.
So hold on a second. So, Frank, you knew too?   Mini-Charlie Kelly
Mini-Frank Reynolds   Yeah... (meekly nodding) I knew.
And some of this stuff you've been doing with this mannequin here, that's like teach me a lesson or...?   Mini-Charlie Kelly
Mini-Frank Reynolds   (Long pause) Yeah.
Did I see you bang that thing?   Mini-Charlie Kelly
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