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Mrs. McDonald is Mac's mom.


She is very apathetic, an avid television watcher and a smoker. She worked at Jiffy Lube for many years where she worked her way up from the bottom to the tippy top as manager. She often communicates through a series of guttural noises and grunts and she is good with fixing things like fans. According to Mac she thrives in sunlight so she can't be expected to do any work after dark. She can become violent if someone wakes her up.

She was once married to Mac's dad, Luther. They seem ambivalent towards each other, saying they hate one another and watching television in silence together. She seems to not care about Luther's current relationships, being aware that he has slept with both Bonnie Kelly and Eduardo though shocked at the graphic details. Luther went to jail because he sold meth at an unspecified point before the beginning of the series.

She is shown to care very little about her son Mac, which he is in denial about. She has spoken to him in grunts and mumbles since childhood, to the point where he claims to know what each one means (or rather what he convinces himself they mean). She has also point blank said that she does not love Mac, and agreed to lie to him about his heritage for a few loose cigarettes.

Mrs. McDonald moves in with Bonnie after she burns her house down by accident. Initially neither likes the arrangement despite the gang's insistence to make it work. They eventually find common ground with their mutual dislike of foreigners. ("Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down")​ Other things they have in common: Both have slept with Luther and neither finds Dennis sexually attractive. ("Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom")



  • Mrs. McDonald has co-starred in all but two of her appearances with Bonnie Kelly. The exceptions being "Mac Is A Serial Killer" and "The Gang Goes To Ireland" in which Bonnie does not appear.
  • Mrs. McDonald is the only parent whose first name is unknown.
  • As with Mac's dad, Luther McDonald, her last name is never actually given in the show, but since Mac's full name is revealed to be "Ronald McDonald" (in the episode "The High School Reunion"), it can be assumed her last name is McDonald as well.
  • Though her demeanour is very dour (to say the least) in almost all of her appearances on the show, in the videotape that Mac plays in "A Very Sunny Christmas", she appears to be very happy. Also, her hair is quite a bit longer and her voice has not yet been affected by her smoking habit.
  • One of the only times she's smiled was briefly in amusement to Charlie claiming he took a dump in Bonnie's food. ("Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender")
  • Mrs. McDonald is revealed to be more talkative when she is not constantly smoking (however this is due to her eating 2 weeks worth of nicotine patches), but is abhorrently racist. She is assigned commissioner like her son, and takes the role seriously enough to push Dee out of the way to tally the Waitress and still brings Bonnie to a baseball field in the end. ("The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot")


(Dennis is trying to bang Mrs. Mac to get back at Mac for banging his mom)
Dennis: Hi.
Mrs. McDonald: What?
Dennis: I'm looking for Mrs. Mac. Is she in?
Mrs. McDonald: Yeah.
Dennis: I'm a friend of her son's.
Mrs. McDonald: I know you, Dennis.
Dennis: Oh. Oh my God. Oh...It's been a long time. I haven't seen you in a while. You look different.
Mrs. McDonald: I've gained a little weight.
Dennis: Is that what it is? Looks good on ya.
Mrs. McDonald: Yeah.
Dennis: Yeah. (Long, very awkward pause) You mind if I sit?
(Mrs. Mac grumbles)
Dennis: So, watching a little TV outside, huh?
Mrs. McDonald: I like the fresh air.
Dennis: Probably gets a little lonely, though, every once in a while, out here watching TV by yourself...
(Mrs. Mac scoffs)
Dennis: Every once in a while you want a man, right? (He puts his hand on Mrs. Mac's thigh) Someone to fulfill your desires?
Mrs. McDonald: Oh. Not interested.
Dennis: Don't fight it, Mrs. Mac. Why don't we go inside and have a little fun?
Mrs. McDonald: Don't find you attractive.
Dennis: What?
Mrs. McDonald: I think you're an ugly man.
Dennis: (Taken aback) You think I'm ugly?
Mrs. McDonald: Yeah.
Dennis: I'm not ugly. You're ugly.
Mrs. McDonald: Yeah.
Dennis: Jesus Christ! What is wrong with you, woman? You're saying that I'm unattractive? You don't find me attractive?
Mrs. McDonald: No.
Dennis: And you're, what, not gonna have sex with me?
Mrs. McDonald: No.
Dennis: This is ridiculous. I'm outta here.
Season Two, Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom
Dennis: Mrs. Mac, what do you say? What better way to kick off this new relationship than with a new fragrance?
Mrs. McDonald: Stop talking to me like I'm an asshole!
Season Six, Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down
(Mac is trying to make his mom more likeable with a catchphrase)
Mac: What about "I can't even"? Or "that went well".
Mrs. McDonald: ... I'm gonna take a shit!
Season Twelve, Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy