Charlie in the Nazi outfit

In "The Gang Finds a Dead Guy", a Nazi uniform was found by Charlie.

About[edit | edit source]

When Pop-Pop mistook Charlie for Dennis at the nursing home, he asked him to bring his old army outfit to the home so he could be buried in it. Charlie visited the storage shed to get the box of army memorabilia and was shocked when it was discovered to be Nazi paraphernalia.

Charlie decided to keep it and wear it. When he showed Mac, they decided to try and sell it to a museum. The curator was insulted and called the police, assuming (correctly) they obtained it illegally. They decided to burn it in the alley behind the bar. Charlie and Mac lied to each other, saying they didn't keep anything. Mac kept a picture of Dennis' grandfather in the outfit. Charlie kept the hat and the original hitler painting of a German shepherd . ("The Gang Finds a Dead Guy")

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