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"Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


When a merchandising convention comes to town, the gang tries to develop marketable products in an attempt to build the Paddy's brand.


12:30PM on a Wednesday

Charlie shows the gang a commercial for Kitten Mittens - a new invention he's created because cats near his apartment have been keeping him awake. He says he is going to show it to potential investors at a local merchandising convention. Dee offers to help because in her contract she owns all proceeds from Paddy's merchandise. She shows the document to Mac, who eats it on the spot. Dennis and Mac decide to get in on the merchandising action, and leave Frank to design his own products.

Charlie and Dee visit the Lawyer in his office. Charlie compliments the picture of his wife, while Dee says he can do better. Dee demands that the contract Mac ingested still be acknowledged while Charlie asks for assistance in obtaining a Kitten Mitten patent.

At Dennis and Mac's apartment, Dennis shows Mac his new idea - a Paddy's Thong for men. Mac doesn't understand, and continues to show his idea - the Dick Towel. Dennis loves the idea and they decide to proceed with it. Frank enters with a large-breasted woman with his gun in his hand and points it at Mac's face. The woman then tosses a shot of tequila into Mac's face. Frank calls it his new invention - the Gun Shot. They tell him it is an awful idea and kick him out. The two agree to steal and improve his idea.

Charlie and Dee stake out the Lawyer as he sleeps in a sleazy motel. He leaves the motel and gets in his car, which happens to be the vehicle that Charlie and Dee are spying on him from. They try to blackmail him about having an affair, but he reveals he is actually going though a messy divorce.

Back at Dennis and Mac's pad, they work on their new Shot Gun but decide rather than building a functional product they should make a thrilling commercial. Frank enters telling them he has made improvements to his Gun Shot. They fight about who owns the idea, and decide to let the free market decide the winner.

At the Lawyer's office, Charlie and Dee bring in a prostitute as payment for the Lawyer for helping them out. Before they can finish explaining, Dennis and Mac enter with another busty woman, explaining that they want patents for their Shot Gun. Frank then enters with his busty woman and demands his own Gun Shot patent. The lawyer agrees to help them all if they agree to never bother him again.

At the merchandising trade show, Dennis, Mac and their new partner Frank show their commercial for the Gun Shot, Shot Gun, Dick Towel, and Paddy's Egg. They agree it wasn't made very well, mostly because they had to do in-camera editing. Charlie and Dee enter, happy to announce that Kitten Mittens have been purchased. The Lawyer enters, happy as well, revealing that the contract they signed was actually a restraining order against him and signed all merchandising rights over to him. Mac attempts to eat the contract, but the Lawyer reveals he has hundreds of copies. He leaves happily and the gang stares at each other in disbelief.



Guest Starring[]


  • Elaine Loh as Attorney's Secretary
  • Jason Stuart as Event Director


  • Heather Chadwell as Sandy (prostitute)
  • Kristen DeLuca as Brenda (busty chick #1)
  • Dahlia Dark as Busty Chick #2
  • David M. Zdunich as Ernie the Barfly


  • Charlie films his commercial with a simple VHS camcorder: this is why it has a 4:3 aspect ratio (the same is true of the Paddy's promotional video).
  • Footage from the gang's "Gun Shot" video contains footage originally shot in "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire", implying that it was taped over.
  • The merchandise the gang creates are:
  • Paddy's Thong is not mentioned in the video that Frank, Mac, and Dennis make (though all of their other products are), suggesting that they did not decide to go forward with that one.
  • Eating a contract does not invalidate it. In fact, contracts can be completely verbal and not written down at all. It does, however, make it more difficult to prove what was on said contract. Additionally, a lawyer cannot sneak ownership of a client's business into a contract, that would be gross malpractice, the contract would be invalid, and the lawyer would be subject to malpractice lawsuits. The gang does not appear to be aware of this.
  • This episode ends with a dedication to David M. Zdunich, who died two days before the The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis's aired.
  • The episode title spells "mittens" as "mittens" (the correct spelling). However in Charlie's video it's spelled as "mittons".


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