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Poppins is Mac's family dog. He seems to be invincible since he is almost 30 years old and often leaves home for months or years at a time, always returning.

Poppins first appears in Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down, where he returns after a long absence; all members of The Gang except Mac are astonished that he is still alive. He briefly appears to be dead after eating materials for Dee's health shake but proves to be alive and goes on his way again.

Poppins is referred to in The High School Reunion as the cause of Mac's ringworm in high school. In Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs, Mac mentions Poppins is "long gone," which seemed to imply the dog had finally passed. This was proven untrue in A Woman's Right to Chop when Poppins returns again after many years away. The dog is briefly mistaken for the pregnant female dog of a salon owner near Paddy's (Mac explains that he never bothered checking Poppins for gender), but the actual Poppins reappears under the bridge, where it's implied he might be the father of the other dog's puppies before stealing a blanket she was laying on and heading off once again.


  • Poppins' tendency to appear and depart repeatedly might be a shout out to his namesake, fictional British nanny Mary Poppins, who in her books tends to arrive, depart and later return at random times through various mystical means.



Charlie: Yeah, that dog's nasty, man. He was, like, coughing the whole way over here. He ate a couple of cigarette butts off the ground. He's got a wheeze. He might have emphysema, man.
Mac: Oh, that's entirely possible. Yeah, it wouldn't slow him down though. He's a survivor. He would disappear for months, but he would always come home.
Season Six, Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down

Frank: Dog looks like a gargoyle.
Dee: Yeah. He smells like piss. Does it- Oh, uh-oh. Is he dying?
Dennis: No, no, no - he's fine. By the way, you're gonna want to keep him away from that cream, too, 'cause he'll eat that shit. Yeah, he ate a whole bottle of shampoo at our apartment earlier. He loves shit like that.
Dee: Wow. Sounds great. Thanks for bringing him over, yeah.
Dennis: Yeah... He's a great dog. He's a great dog!
Season Six, Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down

Adriano Calvanese: Didn't you also give everybody ringworm?
Mac: No. No! That was a rumor! I only gave ringworm to Charlie. I got it from my dog Poppins, and then Charlie and I were wrestling every day because we were trying out for the wrestling team, and then, you know, we just sort of passed it back and forth.
Season Seven, The High School Reunion