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Project Badass is a series of videos made by Mac featuring him showing off by doing dangerous stunts. In the videos Mac speaks directly to the camera exaggerating the feat he is about to perform. He then lights the "pyrotechnics" and proceeds with the stunt. All the while "Here I Go Again" is playing.

As usual, Mac's sense of his own abilities greatly exceeds his actual abilities.

Season Four[]

Mac makes the tapes to show off to Dennis and Charlie. Charlie finds them "badass" at first but as the episode progresses he and Dennis believe that Mac is only trying to impress them because he is in love with them. ("Mac's Banging the Waitress")

Season Nine[]

As part of "Mac Day", Mac has the rest of the gang make a "Project Badass" video with him, in which he will appear to jump off the Strawberry Mansion Bridge.  He doesn't plan on actually jumping, of course; he says he'll "draw it in" later.  However, his cousin, Country Mac, actually does jump, which he survives with both his body and his beer unscathed.  This leads the gang to realize Country Mac is the true badass. ("Mac Day")


Project Badass



Mac: I will now light the pyrotechnics which are attached at the arms and back, and all over my pants. Totally and completely badass.
Frank: Suicide is badass!


  • The song "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is played in the background of Mac's videos.