The RPG Rocket Launcher was a gift from Mac to Dennis for Valentine's Day. It appeared in the Season 12 episodes "The Gang Tends Bar" and "Dennis' Double Life"

On Valentine's Day, Mac claims to have found a "mystery crate" round the back of the bar and asks the rest of The Gang to come and look at it. However, Dennis refuses to look as he wants everybody to do their jobs at the bar properly so they can get paying customers. Throughout the day, Mac continues to persuade Dennis into looking in the crate but to no avail. As Dennis, Dee, Charlie and Frank argue over not getting Valentine gifts from each other every year, Mac brings the crate inside and asks Dennis to open it. Dennis opens the crate to find the RPG Rocket Launcher but with no rocket. Mac apologises to Dennis about the online service not packing the rocket but Dennis doesn't mind and thanks Mac for the gift.

Later on, Mac finds the rocket for the RPG and can't wait to fire it when Dennis comes back to the bar. However, Dennis reveals that he has a baby from his layover time in North Dakota and everyone offers solutions to the problem. After Dennis revealed that he wasn't Brian LeFevre, Mandy leaves him taking the baby with her. Dennis later tells The Gang that he wants to be a father and leaves Paddy's Pub. The rest of The Gang then use the RPG to blow up Dennis' Range Rover.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The RPG is a RPG-7, a Russian rocket launcher that has seen use worldwide. How Mac managed to get it in the country is unbeknownst to anyone.
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