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Random Guy, portrayed by Zachary Knighton

Random Guy is the subject of bad intel, and is put under surveillance by Frank and Dee who believe they are observing Bruce Mathis.

Season 4

After Dee and Frank find out that Bruce Mathis is going to be donating millions of dollars of the late Barbara Reynolds' inheritance to a Muslim community center, they decide to go undercover to find out if he is into any shady terrorist behavior with hopes of framing him and getting the money, which they believe is rightfully theirs. Frank claims he waterboarded some guy to find out where Bruce lives, but because he had the windows tinted on the inside of their new spy van, they cannot clearly see that the guy they believe is Bruce, is actually Random Guy, who turns out to be a simple living stoner-looking dude who enjoys sitting on his recliner, eating Cheetos and watching golf.

Throughout the course of the episode, the gang manages to slowly destroy Random Guy's car, ultimately blowing it up, leaving him distressingly bewildered, exclaiming "Why is somebody trying to ruin my life! I loved that car!" The_Gang_Solves_the_Gas_Crisis

Season 9[]

As the gang tries to squash all of their beefs with various characters during a Thanksgiving dinner at Mac and Dennis' apartment, Mac mistakenly invites Random Guy (believing it once again to be Bruce Mathis based off of Frank's bad intel) who comes bearing gifts, excited in thinking he will be seeing his kids he has been ordered to stay away from because of his "horrible drug problem."

He decides to stay anyway and joins the gang and everyone for the feast, ultimately and gleefully doing a "bump" with Bill Ponderosa , and also finding out that it was The Gang who destroyed his car, who all agree they do not owe him a new one. The_Gang_Squashes_Their_Beefs