Rob McElhenney is one of the creative forces behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He portrays Mac and is the creator of the series. He is also an executive producer, writer, and director for the show.


McElhenney was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 14, 1977. He is Irish-American who graduated from Waldron Mercy Academy in 1991 and is a 1995 graduate of Saint Joseph's Preparatory School.

McElhenney made his film debut with a bit part in The Devil's Own and followed that up with bit parts in A Civil Action, Wonder Boys, and Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. He later had more substantial parts in Latter Days and The Tollbooth. McElhenney also played a small role in the eighth season Law & Order episode "Thrill".

He was still waiting tables between acting assignments in 2004, when his manager and agent presented McElhenney's idea for a sitcom to the FX cable network, which received it warmly. McElhenney said that 50 weeks of each year are consumed by acting, producing, and writing for the show, but he did find time to appear the TV show Lost as Aldo in the episodes "Not in Portland" and "What Kate Does".

In an interview with 93.3 WMMR morning show Preston and Steve, McElhenney announced that he and Sunny costar Kaitlin Olson have been dating for over a year. McElhenney and Olson were married September 27, 2008 in California. The pregnancy of Dee in Season 6 was written to cover up Rob and Kaitlin's real-life pregnancy. For now, the couple have two children: Axel Lee and Leo Grey. [They also have a dog named Oscar.]

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  • The Devil's Own (1997) -- Kevin
  • Law & Order (1997 episode) -- Joey Timon
  • Latter Days (2003) -- Elder Harmon
  • Lost (2 episodes) -- Aldo


Both McElhenny and Kaitlin Olson funded a bar in Philadelphia called Mac's Tavern. Some of it's dishes include Mac's Chili and Sweet Dee's Turkey BLT.[1]


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