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St. Joseph's Preparatory School

The High School Reunion

St. Joseph's Preparatory School is an all boys prep school in Philadelphia attended by most of the members of the Gang, along with a number of other recurring characters on the show. Dee and other female characters attended Notre Dame High School.

Known Students[]

Known Teachers[]

  • Dr. Larry Meyers - Dee's high school drama teacher who inspired her love of acting but in fact, was just an enthusiastic alcoholic. ("The Gang Gets a New Member")
  • Ms. Klinsky - The school librarian who 'bedded' Dennis when he was 15 and apparently looked like Rick Moranis. ("Dee Made a Smut Film")

Possible Students[]

  • Liam McPoyle and Ryan McPoyle - Were in Coach Murray's elementary school gym class with Mac and Charlie Kelly. ("Charlie Got Molested")
  • Artemis Dubois - she's familiar with Matthew Mara, and she's aware about the Gang's high school lore such as why Waitress and Dee broke up with Brad Fisher. On the other hand, Dennis and Waitress at first seemed to be unfamiliar with her; ("Charlie Has Cancer", "Who Pooped the Bed?") most glaringly, she absent at the high school reunion.
  • Ricky Falcone - Mac's family robbed his house on Christmas of 1985. Little Mac got himself an "Omnibot"-toy there - later, he's always thanked Ricky at school for it (most likely, it was elementary school). ("A Very Sunny Christmas")
  • Jamie Nelson - Mac & Charlie's friend who loved skateboarding and drowned in a diving pool. ("Mac and Charlie: White Trash")
  • Davy Mara - Matthew Mara's older brother, who is aware of his younger brother's nickname of Rickety Cricket, as well as being familiar with the Gang.