St. Joseph's Preparatory School

The High School Reunion

St. Joseph's Preparatory School is an all boys prep school in Philadelphia attended by most of the members of the Gang, along with a number of other recurring characters on the show. Dee and other female characters attended Notre Dame High School.

Known Students[edit | edit source]

Known Teachers[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Larry Meyers - Dee's high school drama teacher who inspired her love of acting but in fact, was just an enthusiastic alcoholic. ("The Gang Gets a New Member")
  • Ms. Klinsky - The school librarian who 'bedded' Dennis when he was 15 and apparently looked like Rick Moranis. ("Dee Made a Smut Film")

Possible Students[edit | edit source]

  • Liam McPoyle and Ryan McPoyle - Were in Coach Murray's elementary school gym class with Mac and Charlie Kelly. ("Charlie Got Molested")
  • Artemis Dubois - she's familiar with Matthew Mara, and also she's aware about why Waitress and Dee broke up with Brad Fisher; on the other hand, Dennis and Waitress at first seemed to be unfamiliar with her and, most glaringly, is absent at the high school reunion.
  • Ricky Falcone - Mac's family robbed his house on Christmas of 1985. Little Mac got himself an "Omnibot"-toy there - later, he's always thanked Ricky at school for it (most likely, it was elementary school). ("A Very Sunny Christmas")
  • Jamie Nelson - Mac & Charlie's friend who loved skateboarding and drowned in a diving pool. ("Mac and Charlie: White Trash")
  • Davy Mara - Matthew Mara's older brother, who is aware of his younger brother's nickname of Rickety Cricket, as well as being familiar with the Gang.

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