The fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired in the fall of 2008 on FX. It ran for 13 episodes. It is available for purchase on DVD or iTunes.

Season SummaryEdit

The Gang's schemes get even crazier this season: reselling gasoline door to door, getting healthy and scamming to get health insurance, and having the bar declared a historical landmark. They also kidnap a newspaper critic who writes a negative review of Paddy's.

Luther comes up for parole, so Charlie and Mac fake their deaths to avoid his vengeance.

Charlie continues to stalk the Waitress: he attempts to find out who is banging her, and then writes a musical and invites her to attend.

Greed gets the better of them, as they also attempt to prevent Bruce Mathis from donating Barbara Reynolds' assets to a Muslim cultural center.




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Season 4 Teasers - It's Always Sunny

Season 4 Teasers - It's Always Sunny

Episode ListEdit

Mac and Dennis Manhunters
"Mac and Dennis: Manhunters" September 18, 2008
Directed by: Fred Savage - Written by: Charlie Day & Jordan Young & Elijah Aron
Charlie and Dee freak out when they eat what they think is human meat. Mac and Dennis take up hunting and go after the most dangerous prey of all -- man.
The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis
"The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis" September 18, 2008
Directed by: Matt Shakman - Written by: Charlie Day & Sonny Lee & Patrick Walsh
To profit from high gas prices, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie fill barrels of gasoline and sell them door-to-door. Dee and Frank plot to brand Bruce Mathis a terrorist.
America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest
Directed by: Fred Savage - Written by: Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day & Adam Stein
Mac and Frank hold a contest where the winner will be the billboard model for Paddy's. Charlie and Dee set out to create a viral video.
Mac's Banging the Waitress
"Mac's Banging the Waitress" September 25, 2008
Directed by: Fred Savage - Written by: David Hornsby
When Charlie learns that The Waitress has a boyfriend, he enlists Mac's help in catching the guy so Charlie can beat him up. Trouble is, Mac is the one who's dating the waitress.
Mac and Charlie Die (Part 1)
Mac's revenge-obsessed father is released from prison and Mac and Charlie fake their deaths to save their lives. Frank and Dennis discover a glory hole in the bathroom.
Mac and Charlie Die (Part 2)
Mac and Charlie continue their misadventures in avoiding Luther Mac. Dennis and Frank investigate the world of anonymous sex.
Who Pooped the Bed
"Who Pooped the Bed?" October 9, 2008
Directed by: Fred Savage - Written by: Rob McElhenney & Scott Marder & Rob Rosell
Frank and Charlie find that someone has defecated in their bed and hunt for the culprit. Meanwhile, Dee leads a "Sex and the City" style night on the town.
Paddy's Pub The Worst Bar in Philadelphia
Directed by: Matt Shakman - Written by: Scott Marder & Rob Rosell & David Hornsby
The gang kidnaps a newspaper critic who dubbed Paddy's Pub "the worst bar in Philadelphia".
Dennis Reynolds An Erotic Life
Directed by: Matt Shakman - Written by: Scott Marder & Rob Rosell & David Hornsby
Dennis plans on publishing an account of his sexual exploits and ends up in a rehab facility. Charlie and Dee try on each other's lives for size.
Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack
"Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack" October 30, 2008
Directed by: Matt Shakman - Written by: Rob Rosell & Scott Marder
After Dee is hospitalized for a heart attack, she and Dennis try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Charlie and Mac become office workers to get on-the-job health insurance.
The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell
In an attempt to turn their bar into a Philadelphia landmark, the gang tells the story of how Paddy's Pub was historically relevant during the Revolutionary War.
The Gang Gets Extreme Home Makeover Edition
The gang redecorates a poor family's home a la Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
The Nightman Cometh
"The Nightman Cometh" November 20, 2008
Directed by: Matt Shakman - Written by: Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton & Rob McElhenney
Charlie stages a rock opera based on his song "The Nightman," and recruits the rest of the gang to help him with it.