Stacy Corvelli (Doyle) is a girl Charlie slept with that he knows from the High School.

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Stacy Corvelli married Jimmy Doyle who also went to High School with the gang and they had a son named Tommy Doyle. Jimmy Doyle abandons the family. Stacy lies to Charlie and tells him he is the father of Tommy (who is a hellion). Later she admits the truth to Charlie but he wants to still hang out with Tommy so he can pretend to be a part of the Big Brothers program to get close to the Waitress. Stacy jumps to the conclusion that Dennis and Charlie are dating before Charlie corrects her. ("Charlie Wants an Abortion")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In a deleted scene on the Season 5 DVD Charlie alludes to Stacy Corvelli, but does not mention her name:
Charlie: "So here's the thing. This guy, he does not get women and women don't get him. You know, they just had a... you know, they butt-heads like crazy. And he does not get SEX. You know, sex is the thing that's really weird. You know, because the last time he made sex with a girl it was like gross, dude, it was just super gross, and she found him to be gross, and the whole thing was just gross, and then she, you know, later on said "Oh, I have a kid now, and it's your kid", and he was like ready to raise this kid, and he was like "I didn't know if I even had sex right to have a kid", you know, because it was so gross, and just cold, and wet, and just gross. And like everytime he thinks about sex he gets a little sick, you know what I mean, unless he thinks about sex with this one girl, but like otherwise it's like gross".

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  • Stacy is portrayed by Heather Donahue, who is best known for portraying herself in the faux-documentary The Blair Witch Project.
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