Sun-Li is a 12 year old Korean American waitress who followed Charlie Kelly to his home from her father's bar.

She is portrayed by Tania Gunadi.


Sun-Li likes pizza, hates mean people and kissing.

Sun-Li thinks that Dennis smells like dog fart.

Sun-Li likes to "beer" but her father won't let her.

She approves of Dee being a "dirty whore."

She is only twelve but looks much older, enough to unintentionally fool the Gang.

Season ThreeEdit

She moved into Charlie's apartment, but he didn't even kiss her, even though they were briefly engaged.

Sun-Li entered the karaoke contest of the bar, where she sang a North Korean song about her "Dear Leader".

Charlie agreed to let Dennis hose her down with water as part of a wet tee shirt contest, but then he discovered that she was only 12 years old.

Frank then jumped between Sun-Li and the water, to prevent her body from being exposed by a wet tee shirt.


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