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"Aluminum Monster" in propria persona

The Aluminum Monster was Dee Reynolds nickname in high school. The name was a reference to Dee's back brace.

Her nickname was originally used by Adriano Calvanese.

Early History[]

Season Three[]

Charlie finds a diary Dee kept in high school, and Ernesto reads a section of it in which Dee talks about her mother forced her to wear the back brace to a dance, which led to the other kids chanting "Aluminum Monster!" at her.  ("Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead")

Dee runs into Ingrid Nelson at Ingrid's clothing store, who reminds Dee that she was "Fatty McGoo" to Dee's "Aluminium Monster." ("The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo")

Season Seven[]

After a wedgie she receives at her high school reunion injures Dee's back, she is forced to put the back brace that gave her the nickname "Aluminium Monster" again.  ("The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge")




Mini-Dennis Reynolds.jpg   Okay. What you're doing is sick and wrong! What are you, living out some sad fantasy of yours? Going out with the most popular kid in high school...
Okay, why would that be a fantasy? I went out with tons of guys in high school...   Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg
Mini-Dennis Reynolds.jpg   You wore that scoliosis back brace until you were 20 years old. Everyone was afraid of you.
No, they weren't!   Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg
Mini-Dennis Reynolds.jpg   You looked like a monster!!



Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg   I feel so lucky that this thing even fits still.
Is that your dress from the high school?   Mini-Charlie Kelly.jpg
Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg   Yup...
You didn't go to the prom in high school, Dee...   Mini-Dennis Reynolds.jpg
Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg   No, I know - my back brace was under the dress, and Mom called me fat. So I stayed home and cried instead...

("Underage Drinking: A National Concern")



From Dee's private middle school diary:

Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg   Dear Diary, the dance was a total disaster. I cried myself to sleep again last night. Mom forced me to wear the back brace and all the school chanted "Aluminum Monster!". <...>



Mini-Dee Reynolds.jpg   ...I'm totally going to tell Eric how much I like him tonight, even though Danielle was, like, all over him today in school. Mother said: "Don't bother - he wants a pretty girl instead". <...>

("Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead")