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"The Gang Gets Successful" is the unaired episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which was originally produced for Season 6. This episode has a production code XIP06004.

It was directed by Randall Einhorn (and likely written by Scott Marder).

The 7th Season episode "How Mac Got Fat" mostly featured scenes from this episode. Also, a few scenes from the episode are being included in promotional material for Season 6.

Known Part of the Plot[edit | edit source]

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After Frank comes back from a trip to North Carolina, he discovers Paddy's became a popular place, packed with people. Each member of the Gang starts to become very greedy and egotistical about being successful.

Guest Stars[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mac used to hang out with Frank "under the bridge" (he was playing with a stray dog and between this and then drank three bottles of champagne).
  • Mac used to wear his leather jacket at the end of "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down", too [and in Original Pilot as well].
  • When Charlie is freaked out with something (and he's happened to be in his apartment), he just goes into the 'CREVICE' - probably, that's somehow related with the "Night Crawlers".

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Some nice chemical peeled Superman look.jpg

Dennis: Do I look foolish?
Dee: Well, what in God's name have you done to your face?!
Dennis: I got a chemical peel.
Mac: You look like a MONSTER, dude...
Dennis: I was just trying to live up to all of your expectations of me.
Dee: What expectations?
Dennis: Physical perfection. (?)
Dee: What?!
Dennis: Clearly, the success of the bar has proved that I have achieved physical perfection. And now there's nowhere else for me to go but
DOWN from here, so now I'm hanging on by a thread!..
Dee: Why don't you... lay off the skin... treatments for a while?
Mac: Yeah, yeah...
Dennis: Oh... You're don't think I should mess with my face anymore?
Mac: Well, right now it looks like you're wearing a MASK of yourself over your face.
Dee: Mm-hmm...
Dennis: Not a good one, not a nice mask of myself?
Mac: Not a good one.
Dennis: Do you guys think that a normal mask of me might look good?
Dee: Oh, my God...
Dennis: And if there was, would you guys wear it?
Mac: What is happening here?!
Dee: I'm VERY confused...
Dennis: I'm going to be alone!.. (judgemental gaze)



Mini-Frank Reynolds.jpg   (to Dennis and Charlie) Are you, guys, sniffing a hair dye?!
(singing) Hair dye, glue, beer and paint thinner...   Mini-Charlie Kelly.jpg

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