"The Gang Texts" is the fifth episode of the fourteenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


During their trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, Mac sets up a text group chain for The Gang, but confusion sets in and The Gang must learn from the meerkats on how to communicate properly in a group.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Shaw Jones as Zoo Worker


  • Anna Garcia as Zoo Employee
  • Garon Michael as Gorilla Suit Performer
  • Bud McGrew as Puppeteer #1
  • Daniel Gilbert as Puppeteer #2
  • Christopher Utudzhyan as Lion Exhibit Kid
  • Michael Metz as Grindr Dad



Season 14 Episodes

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2. "Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool"
3. "Dee Day"
4. "The Gang Chokes"
5. "The Gang Texts"
6. "The Janitor Always Mops Twice"
7. "The Gang Solves Global Warming"
8. "A Woman's Right to Chop"
9. "Paddy's Has a Jumper"
10."Waiting for Big Mo"

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