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"The Gang Wins the Big Game" is the ninth episode of the thirteenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It aired on October 31, 2018.


It's the most important weekend of their lives and Frank has treated the gang and a crew of their ragtag hangers-on with tickets to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl!


Charlie is looking for his Green Man suit, arguing with Mac and Dee about his superstitions. Mac notices there is something wrong with Dee's eyes but she denies it.

Mac argues with Frank about who he invited to the Superbowl, as their crew consists of Bill Ponderosa, Uncle Jack, Ben the Soldier, Rickety Cricket and The Waitress, who, in Mac's eyes, represent the worst of Philadelphia. Also, he kicks off Rickety Cricket, having invited Rex instead. As they're boarding the party bus Frank has organized for the trip, Green Man joins them and they set off, though it is revealed after a while it is actually Cricket in the suit, not Charlie. Since Mac doesn't want any setbacks, they decide not to return for Charlie.

As the Waitress, who is driving, is taunting the rest about rooting for the Patriots because she has the hots for one of their players - though she doesn't care about football - they get in an accident and the bus is damaged. Also, Dee's eye has gotten worse, Frank has intestinal pains, and it turns out Rex is involved in the Inivigoron pyramid scheme. Mac begins to rant about how they are never going to make it, but Frank manages to fly them in.

Once they have arrived, Mac wants them stay in the box for the game as he is afraid they will give Philly fans a bad name. Also, Dee's eye has gotten even worse but she still denies having pinkeye, even going so far as to rub her fingers in her infected, then in her healthy eye.

Frank needs to pee so he and Mac go to the toilet where Frank confesses he has a kidney stone. When they come back they have missed the touchdown of the Eagels. When Ben goes down to be honored, Dee wants to join him as she has some kind of plan. Mac at first tells her to forget any plans, but when he sees her pinkeye - now in both of her eyes - he lets her go, putting a service apron on her so no one knows she's from Philadelphia. The others want to go, too, but Mac yells at them to stay and exasperatedly pulls on Rex' jacket, wanting to see him shirtless - only to see that Rex has gotten fat from the Invigaron berries. Just then the Patriots score to everyone's disappointment but the waitress', who cheers. Annoyed, Mac sends her out and she leaves.

Frank needs to go to the loo again since the kidney stone makes him pee but Mac doesn't want to, complaining that everytime he's on the toilet with Frank the Eagles score. Then he has a revelation, planning to make Frank piss throughout the game in order to get the Eagles to win. Meanwhile, a barely seeing Dee stumbles around the backstage area, wiping her eyes with a fresh towel which is then carried out. At the toilet, Mac is trying to make Frank pee while the commentator reports Brady is wiping his face with a towel. Meanwhile, the rest of the group has gotten out of the box and Mac dejectedly announces they have blown it because they are all losers who are angry and mean all the time. Frank makes a rousing speech about how they are all Philadelphia, leading to him pushing out the kidney stone after which the Eagles get the ball again - the commentator mentioning there seems to be something wrong with Brady's eyes.

The group come together at the box, celebrating, even the Waitress who has jumped ship, and Mac apologizes, telling them they are true representations of Philadelphia and that they helped the Eagles win, only to yell at them when the Patriots get the ball one minute before the game ends. Mac yells at them to do a superstition but Frank is peed dry. Mac realizes Charlie is their superstition guy and calls him. Charlie is just pondering if he should step into the bear trap again as his hallucinations of Beau Allen and Jason Kelce tell him to when Mac calls. When Mac tells him they need him to do an superstition, he steps into the trap again, and the Eagles win. Everyone is cheering and Mac tells Charlie he has been right all along and that his superstitions worked. As Eagle fans cheer, the commentator is musing about what is going on with Brady's eyes.



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  • This episode takes place on Saturday, February 3, 2018. It started on Saturday for them to travel to Minneapolis where the Super Bowl took place. The rest of the episode when they are at the game must have been on Sunday, February 4, because all Super Bowls are on Sundays.
  • "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor replaces the standard theme song for this episode. "Eye of the Tiger" has been loosely associated with Philadelphia since it's use in Rocky 3.
  • Dennis does not appear in this episode, despite Glenn Howerton being credited in the opening credits.
  • Dee wandering through the service area's of the stadium is a reference to Mr. Magoo.
  • Several real-life reactions to the Eagles' Super Bowl win were featured at the conclusion of this episode. In addition, the credits included footage of Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson at the actual game, with Kaitlin recording.


  • This episode serves as a continuation of "Charlie's Home Alone", but it comes from the gang's perspective this time.
  • The Invigaron pyramid scheme from "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare" is mentioned by Rex.
  • The Waiter previously mentioned how he served the gang at the Super Bowl in "The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot", which is shown to be true in this episode. And, as is tradition, the gang insists they have never met him before.
  • Uncle Jack's fake hands from "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century", reappear in this episode.
  • Continuity error: Ben is seen wearing his full camouflage uniform when he leaves the box, but has mysteriously switched the pants out for his beloved jean shorts by the time the veteran honoring segment during the game is shown.
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