"The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge" is the thirteenth and final episode of the seventh season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Gang hatches a plan to repair their tarnished image in the eyes of their old high school classmates.


Dennis and Dee sit at a table at their reunion, alone and sad of the events that just occurred. Dee tries to mock Ingrid Nelson to be cool again, but because Ingrid isn't fat anymore it doesn't work. Dennis hatches a plan: to bang Tim Murphy's black wife. He approaches Christie and tries to flirt with her but she tells him that she thought he was gay, and that she never wants to sleep with him.

Freight train

Extended take (BTS)

Dee sets off to find Charlie, Mac, and Frank who are hanging by their underwear in the bathroom. She offers to help them get revenge but when their best plan is to get the "Freight Train" gang from school together she bails and leaves them hanging. They manage to get down and eventually Dee asks to join the Freight Train. To initiate her, the three give her a massive wedgie.

Out in the parking lot, Dee has put back on the scoliosis suit she had to wear in high school because the wedgie hurt her. An enraged Dennis heads to his Land Rover where he reveals a hidden compartment with tools he says he uses for his fetish: zip ties, duct tape, a video camera, and rubber gloves. The rest of the gang stops him and recruits him to the Freight Train. Inside the school, they stop the cool kids and Dennis calls Tim Murphy out to fight. Dennis yells about Adriano being jealous and turning the students against him but Adriano breaks it down that Dennis was never the popular figure he thought he was as he would yell about everyone being minions but then just hang out with Charlie and Mac. Tim reveals that it was Mac who slept with Dennis' prom date, not him. Dennis turns his anger toward Mac while the cool kids walk away. Frank manages to inspire them all, and Charlie suggests they try "Plan B".

Reality rules!

Reality rules!

"Plan B" is a musical dance number. The gang clears the dance floor and Charlie gives a speech on how dancing is saving high school students nowadays. The begin dancing to George Michael's "Freedom! '90". The crowd, including the cool kids, cheers and responds very well to the well choreographed and well performed show. Suddenly, reality snaps into place and it turns out the gang has no rhythm or dance talent and are just sweatily flailing around on stage. The song ends, Frank vomits, and Adraino invites everybody but the gang to his house for an after-party.

As they leave the high school (in denial over how bad the dance number was), a very drunk waitress offers to bang the next person to talk to her. Schmitty swoops in to surprise the gang and talks to her. They leave together.



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  • Dee wearing her back brace while performing George Michael's "Freedom" references several robotic themes of the musical performance in Revenge of the Nerds, especially Lamar, who was featured doing The Robot dance.
  • This episode featured guest stars who had previously appeared in Seasons One, Three, Five, and Six.
  • Mac & Charlie's old friend Dooley was first mentioned in "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead".
  • Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes" plays at the party.
  • In this episode Charlie says that he could have been an attorney for Psycho Pete, but unfortunately his specialty is "bird law". This is a reference for the opening scene of Season Five.
  • At 09:53 Dee says " asshole ripped in half like TISSUE PAPER <...>" and we can see how Charlie & Mac smile to each other - it's a reference for the very beginning of "The Gang Gets Held Hostage".
  • In "The ANTI-Social Network" Dennis says "And I could be a man with a fist full of hammers and a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties". Dennis removes duct tape and zip ties from his trunk in this episode.
  • Charlie was an excellent dancer in middle school. ("The Gang Dances Their Asses Off")
  • Mac's ripping off his shirt and screaming "Hooo!!!" is a parody of Michael Jackson.
  • This episode mocks the Fox musical-comedy Glee, which itself is set in a high school. The Kings of Leon, who appeared in Part 1 of "The High School Reunion", dislike Glee and refused to let them use their music. They are fans of Sunny and were asked to make a guest appearance.
  • We finally meet Psycho Pete in the 10th Season episode "Psycho Pete Returns". In that episode, Psycho Pete says that the story that he killed and ate his family was a rumor The Gang started, and he was committed due to severe social anxiety and depression.
  • Also the first claim that the waitress' name is revealed in this episode. Frank steals a name tag for Nikki Potnick and later the waitress references that her name tag was nowhere to be found.


Mini-Mac   Our conductor's insane.
Our cargo is pain.   Mini-Charlie Kelly
Mini-Mac   Freight train!



Mini-Dennis Reynolds   You slept with my prom date?
No... yes.   Mini-Mac
Mini-Dennis Reynolds   How could you do that to me?
It was very easy - she was a whore.   Mini-Mac



Mini-Frank Reynolds   If you're dealt a bunch of lemons, you have to stuff them down somebody's throat until they see yellow.



Mini-Charlie Kelly   Listen to us, listen to us! There's been a lot of negative energy going on at this school, okay? So I want to talk to you guys a little bit about dancing. Now back in the '50s and the '60s and the '70s people used to dance all the time.
That's the way we solved our problems!   Mini-Frank Reynolds
Mini-Charlie Kelly   That's how they solved their problems. Through dance. Then all of a sudden we stopped dancing. Grunge came in, we dressed in plaid and oversized jeans. Then later on kids wore trenchcoats and shot each other in school -- and that's not cool. But guess what! Guess what's going on in high schools now? Kids are dancing again.
Organized choreographed dance!   Mini-Mac
Mini-Charlie Kelly   They're doing organized choreographed dances to solve their problems. They also give each other blow jobs and they have these things called rainbow parties...



From extended take:

Mini-Dee Reynolds   Oh, come on… No, no, no! Oh, goddamn! Oh, no, no… Oh, it’s all over my ass!!!
Freight train, baby!   Mini-Charlie Kelly
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