Nightman Dyslexia

The Nightman by Charlie Kelly

Charlie Kelly's first serious music endeavor involved a character known as the "The Nightman". It was his belief that his life as someone innocent and naive required the Nightman. The song is about the Nightman "coming into him" to endow him with much needed manliness and power.


The first lyrics to the Nightman were written in the Paddy's Pub office. As Charlie is largely illiterate, the lyrics in written form appeared as a page of child-like hieroglyphics or doodles.

Mac and Frank's band Chemical Toilet were the first to attempt the song with Charlie, but they determined that the content of the song was about a rape of Charlie in the night and decided that they find a new frontman, Dennis Reynolds.

Charlie went on to form a band with Dennis Reynolds and, with Dennis' assistance, created The Nightman's nemesis: The Dayman. Their band was called Electric Dream Machine. The music stylings were reminiscent of glam rock/ electropop prevalent in the 80's.

This Nightman/Dayman hybrid made its first public appearance at Paddy's Pub. Electric Dream Machine was heckled and booed by the drunken crowd. ("Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person")

Charlie went on to create a stage musical centered around The Nightman called The Nightman Cometh. Mac played the role of the Nightman.("The Nightman Cometh") At the onset of the episode Charlie is questioned by the gang about the reasons for writing the episode in the theme of, "who are we doing it versus?" Charlie responds with, "I wrote a musical to wrote [sic] a musical."  This is foreshadowing to the end of the episode, where in Charlie uses the musical as an opportunity to propose to the waitress. Throughout the rehersal Frank frustrates Charlie with his pronunciation of "Boys Soul" which Frank is incorrectly pronouncing as "Boys Hole."

When Charlie writes a song called "I Like Paddy's Pub" to help Paddy's win an award, the rest of The Gang is impressed, particularly because, as Dennis says, "I didn't catch any rape references, nothing about spiders, nothing about ghouls...", which would seem to most directly be a reference to this song, as well as the other songs in "The Nightman Cometh" later. The song he plays later, with the much less friendly title "Go Fuck Yourselves", does start off talking about a spider, however. ("The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award")

When asked "Name something people are afraid of" on Family Fight, Charlie insists that the answer is Nightman. Frank answers with Clowns to get the top answer, although Nightman is on the board with one point. ("The Gang Goes on Family Fight")


Nightman, sneaky and mean
Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you
You make me wanna cry
You make me wanna die
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you, nightman
Every night you come into my room
and pin me down
with your strong arms
you pin me down
and I try to fight you
you come inside me
you fill me up and I become the Nightman

It's just two men sharing the night
It might seem wrong
But it's just right!
It's just two men sharing each other
It's just two men like loving brothers
One on top and one on bottom
One inside and one is out
One is screaming he's so happy
The other's screaming a passionate shout

It's the Nightman
The feelings so wrong and right, man
They're feeling so wrong and right, man

I can't fight you, man
When you come inside me
And pin me down with your strong hands
And I become The Night
The passionly passionate Nightman

Charlie's Spray Paint ImprovisationEdit

They took you, Nightman
And you don't belong to them
They left me in a world of darkness
Without your sexy hands
And I miss you Nightman, so bad