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All Sunny fans are sadists at heart. You know you get a kick out of Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank, and Dee toiling and sometimes ruining other peoples' lives. If you didn't, I don't know why you would be watching this show. Half of the fun is seeing how zany and crude the gang can get. Over at Warming Glow, they take a look at some of the gang's most vile actions throughout the years. We will briefly look at a few of their selections, but to see the whole list head to their site.

In the episode, Charlie Wants An Abortion, Mac attempts to woo a female named Megan. In his pursuits to woo her, he mentions how many abortion doctors he has killed and he then proceeds to sleep with her. Dennis also tries to use the pro-life side to find some ladies to sleep with. Dennis tries his luck with the other side. The end of the episode results in Mac telling Megan to go and get an abortion.

In the episode, The D.E.N.N.I.S. System, we are introduced to Dennis' system of seducing and sleeping with women. While some would argue that it's scummy or childish, I would say that it's pretty genius.

Finally, who could forget the time where Dennis and Dee decided to follow their dreams? Of course, they didn't actually attempt to follow any dreams, instead they went on welfare and became crack addicts in the episode Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare.

Of course with Season 7, approaching closer. Who knows how The Gang will top these antics this year?


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