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Vietnam is a country frequently mentioned by Frank Reynolds.

Frank traveled to Vietnam in 1993 to open up a sweatshop. This may be where he met numerous Vietnamese gamblers which he gambles with from time to time. [picture needed]

Frank sometimes confuses his life with the life of John Rambo, a fictional Vietnam war veteran.

Charlie briefly pretends to be a Vietnam war veteran to pick up girls at a strip club.



Stripper: Look at you sweetie. What happened?
Charlie: Viet-goddamn-nam is what happened! Go get me a beer, bitch!
Season Two, Charlie Gets Crippled

Frank: Hey gang, what's the action?
Dennis: What's going on here?
Frank: Asians love gambling!
Dee: You know these guys?
Frank: Yeah, from Nam.
Mac: You were in Vietnam?
Dennis: Don't get excited Mac, he was in Vietnam ten years ago on a business trip.
Season Two, The Gang Gives Back

Frank: Look, I didn't go to Vietnam just to have pansies like you take my freedom away from me.
Dee: You went to Vietnam in 1993 to open up a sweatshop.
Frank: And a lot of good men died in that sweatshop.
Season Two, Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

:Frank: Don't even joke about hunting no man.

Dennis: Who's joking? I'm not joking.
Frank: Oh yeah? Well, I was hunted once. I'd just came back from 'Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods! I had to take 'em all out - it was a bloodbath!
(everyone pauses awkwardly)
Charlie: That's 'Rambo', dude.
Frank: What?
Charlie: You just described the plot of 'Rambo'.
[Mac, Dennis, and Charlie all agree at once]
Dennis: Yeah, and come to think of it, that's not the first time you've described your life in the way of John Rambo's life.
Season Four, Mac and Dennis: Manhunters